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Bizarre Items You’ll Find in Air Ducts

Bizarre Items You’ll Find in Air Ducts

When cleaning air ducts, you would expect to find dust, dirt, and maybe some pet hair, but there are a few items you would not expect. In this blog, we’re detailing the fascinating objects that people have found while maintaining their air ducts.


This homeowner noticed that airflow was being restricted in a certain part of his home, so he called a professional out to resolve the issue. When the technician got there, he noticed stacks and stacks of books and VHS tapes that had apparently been missing for months. It turns out that the homeowner's son had been dropping these items through the large slots of the air ducts from above and they ended up blocking the airflow into the affected room.


This one is rather shocking because you would assume that people would keep a close eye on their valuables at all times, but we’ve heard of several people finding cash boxes, and jewelry boxes floating around in air ducts.

These likely end up in air ducts because the homeowners think the air ducts are a safe place to hide them, similar to keeping cash underneath your mattress, but they eventually forget about them. Who would think to look for jewels in the ductwork? We certainly wouldn’t.


Unfortunately, most of the time, when an animal is found in the ductwork, it is no longer alive. But the types of animals found in air ducts can be pretty surprising. You might expect a mouse or a rat, but what about lizards or even a fox? All of these have been found in air ducts before.

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, you should have your air ducts professionally cleaned about every one or two years, but that doesn’t mean they should be left completely neglected in the meantime. Just be wary of what you might find up there!

If you encounter anything wrong with your air ducts when you’re in the process of cleaning, then don’t hesitate to call for help from the experts at My Guy Heating & Air!


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