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Holiday Hosting Tips

Holiday Hosting Tips

The coming of the holiday season means that you'll probably host at least one event for family and friends. Parties are a great opportunity to see people that you don't spend very much time with, but they can also be stressful as you try to make sure that everyone will be comfortable.

Here's how to make sure your event goes smoothly.

Plan Traffic Flow

One of the most important parts of hosting a holiday party is ensuring that you have enough room for everyone. This includes having seating for everyone if you plan on having a formal dinner or a mixer type of party. Create a diagram to help yourself visualize where you will set up the food, drinks, and conversation areas.

If you have to rearrange the furniture, be careful not to block any vents, as it would disrupt airflow and increase pressure on your HVAC system. Also, make sure that you put the tree and any other decorations out of the normal flow of traffic.

Have Plenty of Food and Beverages

When you're having a large party, you want to make sure guests enjoy themselves, and it can be a little embarrassing if you have to tell people to ration the last couple of sodas until you're able to send someone out to get more. That's why you should buy a little more than you think you'll need. For drinks, buy things that come in single-serve containers so that you can keep them long after the party if you don't use them all.

A potluck is your best approach for this kind of soiree. It will ensure you have enough food without having a lot of waste or completely breaking your budget. This way, you can send the leftovers home with whoever brought the dish to pass.

Turn Your Furnace Down

If your house is going to be full of people, remember to turn your thermostat down shortly before everyone arrives. Otherwise, your home will be broiling from all of the body heat. You can make everyone much more comfortable and save money on your energy bill by turning down the heat.

Set Your Party Up for Safety

A safe party is a fun party, so make sure that everything is set up for people to have a good time at your home and on their trips home. This means that you should ensure that all of the cords to lights and food warmers are safely tucked away so that no one trips. Also, make sure that you have a way for everyone to get home if you plan on serving alcohol. You can discourage people from overindulging alcoholic drinks by offering plenty of snacks and virgin beverages. You can also call a taxi or other driving service for guests who are too intoxicated to drive themselves home.

There are plenty of ways that you can offer a fun and safe experience to all of your party guests, and hosting a party doesn't need to be as difficult and stressful and you might imagine. Planning is key to any good party, but once you have everything set, feel free to let yourself enjoy the festivities, too.

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