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Spooky Things to Look Out For in Your HVAC Unit

Spooky Things to Look Out For in Your HVAC Unit

It’s that time of year again when jack-o-lanterns appear on doorsteps and cobwebs hang from the eaves. Pumpkins, crackly fires, and freshly fallen leaves aside, if your home has been feeling more haunted than homey lately, it might be time to give your HVAC system a checkup.

Spooky Sounds

You’ve just settled down with some popcorn to watch your favorite scary movie, but then, you hear something. Bumps, rattles, whistles, squeaks, and thumps might convince you that you’re sharing your home with a ghost or worse, a poltergeist. Before you call in a paranormal expert, check your HVAC system. Your furnace could have loose ducts or an issue with the ignition, motor or some other part of the assembly.

“Paranormal” Hot and Cold Spots

Is that cold spot caused by a ghostly apparition, or is it something more sinister? In most cases, uneven indoor air temps can be traced to poor airflow from the HVAC system. While several things can interfere with the airflow, the problem is usually in the ductwork, including:

  • Damaged ducts

  • Leaking or badly installed ducts

  • Improperly sized ducts

Occasionally, an inadequately sized HVAC system for the home’s space can also lead to hot and cold spaces.


Speaking of ductwork, have you ever wondered what could be hiding in there? Ducts are often home to more than just dust bunnies. They can also conceal spiders, crickets, mice, and birds, leading to a truly scary situation. Schedule a duct cleaning to get the situation under control again.

Ghastly Odors

Once a surefire sign of a haunting, dank, musty odors with no obvious source are less likely a phantasm and more likely a funky furnace filter. Filters collect dust, animal fur and dander, debris and pollen. If they get too dirty, they can get musty. Change them periodically to keep your house smelling specter-free.

Scary Energy Bills

Did you scream the last time you opened your energy bill? You’re not alone, but you can end this terrifying cycle now with an HVAC checkup. A seasonal checkup will spot any potential problem areas, stop trouble before it starts and help you get those energy bills back on track.

At My Guy Heating and Air, we want to keep your Halloween fun not frightful.Give us a call today to schedule your appointment with our team!


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